Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX

Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX

Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX – Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Bluetti AC200P. Let me tell you, this thing’s a beast, and ever since this unit was announced, I really wanted to get my hands on it because it checks so many of the boxes that I think are important with a modern solar generator.

Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX

By the time I got it, there was already a new version this summer, Bluetti announced the AC300 which is an all-new design and the AC200 Max which is an upgraded version of the AC200p. The most exciting feature of these is that they’re chainable which means you can add multiple external batteries to dramatically increase the capacity, and the most exciting thing is apparently these batteries are backward compatible with the AC200P.

Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX

1. Introduction and ports

There’s also an all-new Bluetti app that lets you monitor and control these new units as well. As upgraded AC and USB outputs, we’ll cover these differences in the article, in a bit, the AC200P retails for $1799. However, you can usually find it on sale for at least 100 off if you look around. And the thing I like most about this unit is, this has a 2,000 watt-hour battery with advanced BMS. It has high and low-temperature cut-off, and most importantly, it’s using a lithium iron phosphate or LFP battery that gives you 3,500 cycles which is 7 times the cycle count of a traditional lithium-ion battery.

Reviews AC200MAX Portable Power Station

1. Power Button
Long/Short press to turn ON/OFF the
8. AC input port
Charging via T500 adapter
2. DC 12V/30A output
A Special 30A output port can be adapted to
appliances widely, perfect for RV
9. Wireless charging 15W x 2pcs
Place your phone(if wireless charging
supported) on the top of the AC200Max
vertically, and turn on the DC on the main page
3. DC 12V/10A cigarette lighter port
Output port for devices with corresponding
a plug such as vehicle-use vacuum, refrigerator.
10. Touchable interaction LCD display
Can be pressed/tapped to control the unit by
4. DC 5521 12V/10A output x 2pcs
Traditional ports for routers/cameras, old
laptop etc.
11. US AC output x 5 pcs(EU/UK AC output x 4pcs)
Standard AC receptacle: wildly used in 100-
120V areas generate the almost same
AC power as a household wall outlet.
The high voltage area uses special sockets.
5. USB-C 100W output
Can be used via USB-C to USB-C cable to
charge most devices in the market such as
Pixel Phone, Macbook Pro at 100W Max.
12. US AC TT-30P
NEMA TT-30: connector which is the
120V/30 A recreational vehicle standard,
also known as RV 30. The TT-30R receptacle
is commonly available in nearly all RV parks
in the United States and Canada.
6. Battery extension port x 2pcs
The port to connect AC200MAX with B230 or
B300 battery pack.
13. USB-A 5V/3A output x 2pcs
Classic USB-A ports.
7. DC input port
Can be connected to solar panels, or
achieving car charging, lead-acid battery,
extra T500 adapter by extra cables.
14. USB-A 18W output x 2pcs
Quick charge USB-A ports.

And this is a substantial unit, it weighs 60.6 pounds is 16.5 x 11 x 15 inches. So, it’s just a much larger unit, definitely optimized for home backup, and speaking of which, let’s talk about AC power. This is packing a really powerful 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter that’s capable of 2500 watts peak, and they claim an 88% efficiency which is pretty good. There are six AC outlets on the front of the unit, each one has its own rubber cover to keep dust and moisture out.

Bluetti AC200P Overview



  1. Power button
  2. 12V / 10A cigarette lighter port
  3. Type-C charging port
  4. Touchable interaction LCD display
  5. USB output x 4pcs
  6. US AC output x 6pcs (EU/UK AC output x 2 pcs)
  7. 12V / 25A output
  8. 12V / 3A output


2. USB and wireless charging tests

Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX – And the AC200 max upgrades the inverter to 2200 watts continuous 4800 watts. A piece on the DC side of things, there’s a lot of options. There are 3 different kinds of output:

  1. First of all is your traditional cigarette lighter output, capable of 10 amps or 120 watts and I checked this with my meter, and it definitely is regulated at 13.5 volts which is pretty good.
  2. Beneath that is a pair of barrel connectors for connecting things like laptops.
  3. And finally, there’s a really interesting connector. It’s called an aviation plug, and it’s designed for high-powered DC applications and this port will provide 300 watts of power, for USB there are 60 watts USB-C, and then 2 pairs of pretty unremarkable USB-A’s capable of 3 amps or 15 watts of output.
Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAXBluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX
AC200PAC200 Max

To test the USB-C, I plugged in my MacBook Pro, and I was able to consistently get 55 to 60 watts over USB-C. And I just figured, I’d test all the other ones at the same time. So, I plugged in a bunch of USB-A, including my Sonos, no problem. There my iPad pro charged, I also charged this Anker power bank, and well another bigger one, and everything charged fine.

But for such an expensive unit, I really think they should have launched with higher quality USB outputs. My Ecoflow River Pro has much better USB outputs. Luckily, the AC200 max will update the USB-C to 100 watts, and swap out two of the USB-A’s to 18 watts quick charge 3.

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh

Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh
Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh
Price: €1,999.99
Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station – Large capacity, high-power solar power station. Whether it is your home’s indoor or outdoor high-powered equipment, you will still have power with the Bluetti AC200P.


And there’s one other option for charging your mobile devices, on the top of the unit is a pair of 15 watts wireless charging pads, and these things work great. I was able to charge my iPhone 12 pro, my AirPods pro, and they work flawlessly. But keep in mind, that wireless charging is not the most efficient way to get electrons in your device, roughly half of the energy that goes through wireless chargers is turned into heat. Although I will say this battery is big enough, and it sure is nice to have the convenience of not needing a cable.

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  1. Cost Efficiency
  2. More Power
  3. Eco-Friendly
  4. No Fume
  5. More Portable
  6. No Noise
  1. Expensive
  2. Not lightweight
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Bluetti AC200P

Bluetti AC200P vs AC200MAX - Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Bluetti AC200P. Let me tell you, this thing's a beast, and ever since this unit was announced, I really wanted to get my hands on it because it checks so many of the boxes that I think are important with a modern solar generator.



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