Delta Series


Be prepared for the next power outage or go off-grid with DELTA series portable power stations. Our industry-leading batteries are clean, lightweight, and scale from 882Wh to 25kWh, giving you power for any situation.

Delta Series


Never get caught in the dark. EcoFlow DELTA portable power stations provide backup power during blackouts and power outages. Unlike gas generators, they operate with no fumes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Keep your fridges, lights, and other essential devices running at the push of a button.


Home is where the power is. From RVs to off-grid cabins, keep everything powered and charged up with portable power stations. Pair your EcoFlow DELTA with solar panels to collect and store power from the sun.

solar panel


For the adventurers out there. EcoFlow DELTA portable power stations have all the charging ports you need to run multiple devices from one convenient space. So roll down the windows, turn up the speakers, and hit the road.

Let's Answer Your Questions

Traditional gas generators operate on fuel, are loud to use, and they can’t be used indoors. EcoFlow portable power stations are battery-powered, clean, and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. And they’re portable too. Which means you can carry clean energy with you wherever you go.

EcoFlow DELTA portable power stations are designed to power essential home devices. With a DELTA mini, the smallest offering from the DELTA series, you can power a 60W fridge for 12 hours. If you need something more, the DELTA Pro can power a 60W fridge for up to 57 hours.

All EcoFlow portable power stations are safe to use indoors and outdoors. They don’t give out any fumes or require maintenance like a traditional gas generator does. And for an added level of safety, our advanced battery management system automatically regulates the voltage, temperature, and current of our batteries. In other words, when you go with an EcoFlow, you get a safe, reliable battery that lasts for years on end.

The EcoFlow DELTA mini is the smallest portable power station in the DELTA series, ideal for when you need power on the go. If you’re looking for something with a larger capacity, output, and faster charging, the DELTA is an industry favorite. Check out our DELTA series comparison to find out more.