Bluetti EB55 537Wh/700W Solar Portable Station



This BLUETTI EB55 (EU version) Solar Power Station with a capacity of 537Wh and the power of 700W has a small design and excellent function.

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Bluetti EB55 537Wh/700W Solar Portable Station with a capacity of 537Wh and the power of 700W has a small design and excellent function. It can be used as an emergency power supply in times of disaster and be very useful for camping, leisure, gardening, and balcony work.

Bluetti EB55 537Wh/700W Solar Portable Station

Bluetti EB55 537Wh/700W

537Wh*0.85/Power of the device = duration of use (Hrs) Power 11 devices simultaneously. This product can be used for home appliances with a power consumption of 700W or less. However, devices with a high instantaneous starting power (air conditioners, electric screwdrivers, etc.) may activate the overvoltage protection mode even if their rated output is less than 700W. It is advisable to select electrical products with a sufficient margin for their rated power consumption.

Bluetti EB55 537Wh
Bluetti EB55 537WhBluetti EB55 537Wh

The compact and lightweight design make the BLUETTI EB55 a Portable Power Station, perfect to use at home, in a campervan, or on a camping trip.EB55 could run most of your essential outdoor appliances and electronics such as mobile phones, cameras, Bluetooth speakers, mini freezers, radios, projectors, and more. What’s more, EB55 is also a perfect home backup power or supply system for emergencies. Along with a reliable PV panel, it’s a fantastic way to support you in an emergency or during prolonged power outages. LED lighting has three modes: full-bright, half-bright, and SOS flashing. You can switch it by pressing the led lighting button. It is designed for outdoor illumination and emergency help. The led illumination light is soft and broad at night, better protecting your eye.

Bluetti EB55 537WhBluetti EB55 537Wh


Bluetti EB55 Specifications

Capacity537Wh / 700W
Cycle Life2500+Cycles
Cell ChemistryPremium LiFePO4 Battery
Warranty2 Years
Color ●
Weight16.5lbs / 7.5Kg
Dimensions10.94 × 7.87 × 7.79 inch / 278 × 200 × 198 mm
Shelf-LifeCharge Every 3-6 months

Charging Method

Charging MethodCharging time
AC AdapterAbout 3-3.5 Hrs (200W)
Car ChargerAbout 6-6.5 Hrs (12V) / About 3Hrs (24V)
200W Solar PanelAbout 3-3.5 Hrs(max./12-18V 8A,MPPT)
Gas-Fired GeneratorAbout 3-3.5 Hrs (Full recharge)
AC adapter + Solar PanelAbout 1.8-2.3 Hrs
Dual AC adapter(400W)About 1.8-2.3 Hrs


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100 – 1000 Watts

8 reviews for Bluetti EB55 537Wh/700W Solar Portable Station

  1. Andrea Albizzati (verified owner)

    BLUETTI PowerOak EB55 537Wh/700W

    super power station battery…

    1 product
  2. juan carlos hevia rosselló (verified owner)

    BLUETTI PowerOak EB55 537Wh/700W

    It’s a good product. I received it in a few days.

    1 product
  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Battery life

    Is it not recommended to completely empty the battery?

    1 product
  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    PV Power

    What is the maximum power of the solar panels that can be connected?

    1 product
  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Puissance consommée

    As on the AC50S, is it possible to see the power consumption AC separately from DC?

    1 product
  6. Mecedes T Bustamante (verified owner)

    Muy satisfecha
    Muy buen equipo, funcional, ligero para emergencia y camping ideal, espero tener el EB70 en el futuro

    1 product
  7. Peter Dunkel (verified owner)


    Danke, ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Lieferung und kann es nur weiter empfehlen!

    1 product
  8. David Recio Aranda (verified owner)

    Great Product

    1 product
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